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I thought this might be more interesting than my sporadic emails, because I’m really bad at those. I’m actually supposed to be writing a book review for my Reading for Leisure and Learning class, but I’ve written three already this weekend and the urge to procrastinate is just too strong. So. Here we are.

Life is going on pretty much as usual. I’m working at the uni library and not enjoying it very much, and I’m volunteering at the resource centre and enjoying it hugely. Partly it’s because the uni library is all engineering manuals and teaching aids while the resource centre is full of ’70s and ’80s (they don’t get a lot of funding) feminist paraphernalia, and partly it’s because the uni library is this vast bureaucracy that seems unfriendly to me even though the people I work with are pretty nice while the resource centre is tiny and warm and makeshift. Anyway, it’s all fine, really. I don’t actually have to put in many hours at either one, so I can’t complain.

I have eaten two slices of Nigella Lawson’s Dense Chocolate Loaf today (I’m studying! I didn’t have time to make a sandwich! And it’s so nice). In between my busy schedule of procrastinating by staring into space and procrastinating by watching Stephen Colbert videos online (and, you know, actual study), I am slowly reading Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann and the Holocaust (which is an excerpt from Eichmann in Jerusalem: On the Banality of Evil), which is very interesting although I am dismayed by how much of the stuff I learnt at uni I have now forgotten – after this, I need to read my Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing textbooks again.

I bought the This Life DVD boxset with my first pay from this job (it took about a million years for that to happen – another reason the uni’s vastness is annoying – and I got two months’ pay at once), and it arrived last week. It is just as good as I’d remembered.

Anyway, I hope this little experiment works – I quite like the whole journal thing.