Listening to: You’re a Big Girl Now – Bob Dylan

I’ve had a vaguely productive weekend. I’ve been thinking a lot about the two assignments I have due, which I think is a real sign of maturity. If I ever decide to do a PhD, maybe I’ll actually start doing research more than two weeks before my thesis is due. One is a case study on censorship – annoyingly set in New York state, so I have to research the First Amendment and US legal precedent – and the other is an essay on genre fiction. I’ve really been enjoying that class – I think I’m going to have to join a book group one day.

Anyway, there’s that, and then I’ve half-finished my mum’s Mothers’ Day scarf (Branching Out from Knitty ;[which, if you’ll permit me to whine for a second, is really hard], in black), and I have the pieces of a wrap skirt I started at Easter spread out over my bed so I can finish it tonight. I’ve also gotten up at 6.00 three mornings in a row, which has been pretty nice. Not for any particular reason, just so I can be up while it’s dark and not feel like I’m wasting time.

It finally stopped raining this weekend, too, and I’ve been able to cycle in peace without worrying about a big muddy stripe up my back. Mudguards are at the top of my Christmas list.

I found two very cool Billy Bragg videos on youtube today – on Letterman promoting Workers’ Playtime (David Letterman holds up a record, which looks so weird now) and on Newsnight doing a story on the history of English dissent and the House of Lords.

Right, back to that skirt.

(One day I’ll have something interesting to write about. Or I will write interestingly about something. I promise.)