I have just come back from seeing Belle & Sebastian! And they were terrific. Really, really, really good. The audience was a bit shit – some unintelligible calling-out, some obnoxious drunkenness (and no concept of personal space or standing-in-a-crowd etiquette), and oh, what the kids are wearing these days (does every boy have to wear a jacket now?)! – but the band were great, and it was a great night out. So danceable! They encored with an impromptu, audience-requested cover of Roxy Music’s Let’s Stick Together, to which they didn’t know all the words or chords. And because there are so many of them (eight, plus a roadie [?] who joined in at the keyboards occasionally), there was always someone interesting to watch. And there was a light display across the ceiling of the Thebarton Theatre that was just lovely.

They were supported by Even, who only played for twenty minutes. I went with Luke and his girlfriend, and we sat and bitched about the stupidity of having to wait around for bands to start all the time – why can’t they just tell you what time the bands are expected to start, instead of all that “doors open at 7.30” crap where you have to sit around waiting for two hours for the support band, and another hour for that for the main act? Argh. But Even were good (but such a weird choice, and of the five or six songs they played, most were from high school – Stop and Go Man, etc), and like I said, Belle & Sebastian were wonderful.

Apologies for the lack of updates. I wasn’t sure if anyone was reading this! (Feel free to respond here – I think you still can comment “anonymously” if you don’t have your own LJ.)

I have one assignment left to do this semester, and I feel so much less stressy than I did last week, when I had three due at once. I went out and interviewed a librarian this morning (with a dictaphone and everything! It was very cool, except that I didn’t figure out how to make it record until halfway through, and I have a week to write a report about it. I went for a bike ride this afternoon for pleasure, which I hardly ever do (I use the bike a lot, it’s just usually all A-to-B), and I felt so relaxed (but unfit – I’ll have to work on that).

I have a one-off paid shift at the resource centre next week, which is cool but scary – I’m on my own for the last few hours, and I’m not entirely sure I’ll know what I’m doing. But I’m looking forward to it.

Is anyone staying up to watch Germany v. Costa Rica tonight?