Listening to: 22-20 Blues – Skip James

Sophie’s brother Toby was just on Spicks and Specks! So exciting!

I am reading my way through Cynthia Voigt’s Tillerman series – I started reading Homecoming for one of my essays and it was so good that I can’t let it go. I’m halfway through A Solitary Blue at the moment, and I love it – I can’t wait to see how this Jeff, who is so awkward and so eager to please and so vulnerable, becomes the Jeff in Dicey’s Song, with his guitar and his confidence and his people skills. (I read some, but not all, of these in high school, but not in order.) I love his parents’ characters (although I worry a little bit about mothers getting kind of a bad rap in this series), and it’s making me want to go and see the Chesapeake Bay area (and South Carolina) for myself.

I survived my first paid shift at the resource centre! No customers, which was a bit disappointing, but it did feel cool to be in charge of a whole library for a few hours.

I went to my first ALIA event this evening, a little talk called Interview the Interviewers where the idea was to pick the brains of library bosses about good job interview strategies.  It wasn’t very helpful, really – it just confirmed my fears that they’re looking for people who are competent (good lord, I’d better hold onto the job I’ve got) – but it was kind of cool to go to, anyway, and it was nice seeing people from uni and work outside of uni and work.

It has been freezing here lately.