July 2006

Listening to: Marie Claire – The Pines

I always forget to think of a subject.


Listening to: Wang Dang Doodle – Koko Taylor

Oh, the shame. I’ve just realised that I wrote “ver” instead of “very” in my last post. I do apologise.

Today I veganised Nigella Lawson’s ruggelach recipe (from Feast), and tried to decide between going to see Jindabyne and The White Masai and ended up seeing neither. The ruggelach are pretty good, but they need nuts or something to anchor the chocolate. I’m not a big fan of plain chocolate (although technically it’s not plain because it’s wrapped in ruggelach pastry, but whatever) – I like chocolate-and-stuff. I think I’ll go and see Jindabyne tomorrow (Gabriel Byrne, Laura Linney and the Snowy Mountains – it’s got to be good, right?). Nigella Lawson disturbs me a bit – I have been totally seduced by her cookbooks and her media image and her newspaper columns, but she’s a Tory (she really is, right?). It’s so wrong, and yet… Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake, and words like “squidgy” and “Napoleonic”, and she’s so pretty!

My top wisdom teeth are coming in at last, but only just. The merest hint of a tooth has descended from my right gum, and I keep thinking it’s something non-toothy (like, I don’t know, food or my imagination) and worrying, and then realising. I had four teeth pulled last November, and I’m not keen to repeat the experience (actually, it was really interesting and almost cool [I had no idea teeth-pulling was such physically taxing work – my (eerily young) dentist had to keep taking breaks, and I think the experience prompted him to take up a gym membership], but I hate the numbness and the pain), so I hope this is as far as it goes.

I’m reading Cleave by Nikki Gemmell at the moment, and I don’t like it very much but I’m about halfway through and can’t bring myself to just abandon it. I do skip the odd paragraph, though. I think I’m worried that my judgement is partly clouded by the fact that Nikki Gemmell was my least favourite Triple J newsreader, but no – I don’t like the present tense, and the only character I care about is the main one, who has suddenly been relegated to the background… okay, I’ve talked myself into taking it back to the library.

Musically, I’m all over the place.  I have rediscovered the joy of dancing around my bedroom like a fifteen-year-old, so I scour my music library for all things boppy, from Bis to Talvin Singh to the Ramones to Madonna to Sonic Youth. It’s an interesting perspective from which to view one’s collection – I’ve been surprised to find that I’m not that keen on Madness as a dance band, while From a Buick 6 by Bob Dylan is the greatest song ever recorded. I’m also going through a Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci (Let’s Get Together – so lovely!)/Kate Bush phase, and will try and find myself a Jeffrey Lewis album next payday. Ooh, and my most distressing musical discovery? Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ Let Love In has dated horribly. I love it to bits, but I can’t share it with anyone because the production is so tinny and early-’90s. I don’t understand it, because their ’80s albums don’t have this problem at all.

I may not have to quit my job after all; my boss is trying to squeeze my shifts into a different timeslot. Which is pretty good news, I think – it’s not perfect, but a tiny income is better than no income, and I might as well make the most of it, because hopefully it’s the only academic library experience I’ll ever get (I miss public libraries! I miss kids and old people and fiction and crosswords!). The dead mouse smell is gone now, too, although I got so used to being there that I occasionally catch a phantom whiff.

Okay, seriously, this is the most boring entry I have ever posted (and it’s taken me hours because I keep getting distracted – the internet is evil). Wisdom teeth? I am a dork. So I’ll leave you now, because I’ve finally hit the home stretch on that garter stitch scarf (hurrah!) and I have Party Girl waiting for me in the DVD player for the six-hundredth time (if you haven’t seen it, go out and find yourself a copy at once!).