Listening to: You Just Haven’t Earned it Yet, Baby – The Smiths

Oh, bloody hell. I just typed out a whole long thing, and Livejournal ate it. Remind me to do it in Word first next time.

Anyway, the only really important bit was that I tripped up the stairs at work today (I know; it was absolutely mortifying, so I just kept running and hoped no one had noticed) and smacked the bottom of my knee (or, more correctly, the top of my shin – just under the kneecap) on the edge of one of the steps, with all my weight on top of it. I got a cool instant egg-bruise (well, a big lump – no pretty colours yet) and worked the rest of the afternoon without too many problems, but the drive home was really uncomfortable and now I’m in agony. I have a bag of ice cubes strapped to my leg with a tea towel and I am whimpering quietly.

Also, I have just started the Couch-to-5k.