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But the anxious and honest inquirer still asks, How often may I indulge myself? No general answer can be given to this question. Due reference must always be had to the particular person who asks it, and wise counsel would not be possible unless every consideration of the physical condition and health of his wife were allowed to take their proper place in the solution of the question. What might be moderation for one might be the most destructive excess of another. Some men are strong, have great powers of endurance, and do not know that they have a nerve in their body. Others are very delicate, nervous and dyspeptic. Some physicians are inclined to limit the relation to once a month; upon the other hand, all who have given attention to this subject have learned of instances of excess which do not fall at all short of conjugal debauchery. It might be said that no man of average health, physical power and intellectual acumen can exceed the bounds of once a week without at least being in danger of having entered upon a life of excess both for himself and for his wife.

Sylvanus Stall, D.D. What a young husband ought to know (1907, c1899), Philadelphia : Vir Publishing Company.