October 2006

Listening to: I’m in the Band – Bratmobile

There is a box of mangoes sitting on our kitchen bench! My favourite thing about warm weather. Also, we picked three ripe blueberries from Mum’s balcony this afternoon.

I have a pre-employment medical next Thursday – I think the job interview (at my old library) went well. And I was interviewed by three old colleagues, and it was even nice just to see them. It’s only a casual job, but I’m pleased.

A whole bunch of boxes of books were donated to the resource centre this week, and we got to have our pick of the not-relevant-to-the-collection ones. I scored two Leunig books (including the one with the “Great deeds and great thoughts all have a ridiculous beginning” cartoon in it – the photocopy of it that I’ve held onto since Year 12 is about ready to disintegrate, so this was an especially cool find), a book of Paul Klee drawings and a book of his paintings, a 1952 book of typefaces, The nude male: a new perspective by Margaret Walters, a pretty comprehensive-looking craft encyclopedia, a couple of general art books and a 1973 book called Shelter that is part art/philosophy and part instruction manual – it turns out that there is a whole world of do-it-yourself home-building out there beyond the yurt (and the yurt gets a pretty good review, too). Don’t be surprised if one day I go and live in a cave.

I tried to take a photo of my new gathered skirt the other night, but it didn’t work out – I am choosing to blame the artificial light (but I suspect it had more to do with my lack of photographic skill). It’s plain at the moment (made from a pale purple Indian cotton tablecloth) – I have the perfect contrasting vintage pillowcase that I want to applique it with, but I am completely stuck for a design. This is my big downfall as a crafter – I am not arty enough. I know my way around words better than pictures, but when you put words on things, people have this annoying habit of stopping you to read them and ask you about them. I’ve been scouring old encyclopedias and things, hoping for inspiration. But anyway, I like my skirt, and it was the least frustrating thing I’ve ever sewn so I plan to make more.

My latest blog obsession is Yarnstorm. It’s so pretty!


Listening to: Ever Fallen in Love – The Buzzcocks

Ha! This is what I do, too. Wikipedia is the only “safe” website I can ever think of during downtime at work. Even though it’s really no different, it makes me feel less guilty than I would if I were reading Television Without Pity or something.

There is a library assistant job going at my local library at the moment. It would be ideal, except that it seems to be full-time. I can’t really do full-time once school starts again (I mean, external study is totally an option, technically, but I think it’s pretty clear that I don’t have the self-discipline for that kind of thing). Should I apply for it, anyway?