November 2006

Listening to: 6-inch Gold Blade – The Birthday Party

I am in love:

I watched The Philadelphia Story last night, and it was a huge revelation to me.  I don’t know why I’ve avoided films of this era for so long.  I was completely captivated by James Stewart (although I would’ve been quite upset if Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant hadn’t ended up together), and Katharine Hepburn’s accent is spectacular.  (Also, the kid, Dinah, is cool.)

I’m not getting my hopes up too high (the Catholic Church is still the Catholic Church), but this is exciting: Vatican rethink on condoms.

We went to an ALIA workshop on blogging last week, and I’ve been thinking of moving across to WordPress because it’s cleverer and prettier than Livejournal, but I am struggling to come up with a good blog name.  So it’ll take a while, but a move is in the works and the blog will hopefully be nicer and more interesting (or at least a little bit more dynamic) eventually.  Also, I’ll borrow Mum’s camera more often and add some more pictures and things.


Listening to: Private Universe – Crowded House

When I was twelve, in the summer between Years 6 and 7 (about a week before we started high school), my best friend P and I went and stayed at our friend S’s mum’s property in rural Tasmania, about an hour out of Hobart.  We stayed for three days and slept in a tent in S’s backyard.  We had the days to ourselves, because S’s mum and stepdad were at work.  We picked blackberries and practiced what we would do if one of us was bitten by a snake; kept a tally of the different kinds of roadkill we encountered on our walks down to the beach; played cricket; had a wedding for the characters from the imaginary game that had kept us occupied for all of the second half of Year 6; had burping contests and made a chocolate cake with apple and Coco Pops.  They were three perfect days, and P and I referred back to them as a shorthand for all things good for years afterwards.


Anyway, that was also the weekend I first heard Crowded House.  S had Woodface on tape, and it was all we listened to, and we knew all the words to all the songs by the end.  Crowded House were my first real band; my first step out of the limbo of being too old to be a Madonna fan anymore (between the ages of 6 and 10, I was devoted).  I bought my own Woodface tape on lay-by at Myer; it was $15 and I paid it off in weekly $2 instalments.


Part of me still feels completely happy when I listen to them.  Warm.  We got a car when I was in Year 7 (they’re generally pretty unnecessary in most of Hobart, if you live on the right side of the river; ours was a late-‘70s yellow Mazda station wagon that Dad bought from a friend at work when we were moving house), and I would listen to that tape on our weekend drives – it’s all apples and conifers and convict brick ruins and coconut ice cream and security.


I am listening to Together Alone, and I am on the home stretch with this assignment at last.  It feels pretty great.

Listening to: (Don’t Go) Back to School – Kristeen Young

Where do you think I got the idea that handing something in late would make me a Bad Person? I’m sure I was much less concerned with my academic results at school (which is how I developed these appalling study habits), so at what point did my performance as a student become a measure of my worth as a person? Dad just tried to convince me that handing this assignment in three hours late (my current estimate) would not put me on par with Stalin, but since his first response to my question was “Well, what would Kant say?”, he didn’t really succeed (although I do feel a bit better now). I’m pretty sure that Kant would say that failing to hand my essay in at the agreed time would be tantamount to breaking a promise, so I might as well just go out and commit murder as far as he’s concerned. (Dad then tried appealing to the consequentialists, but the damage was done.) Still, I feel a bit more secure in the knowledge that at least my parents will still love me.

Incidentally, The Guardian is my homepage and here is today’s news: Saddam sentenced to hang. I find this so disturbing – I might come back to it, once my brain becomes my own again.