Listening to: (Don’t Go) Back to School – Kristeen Young

Where do you think I got the idea that handing something in late would make me a Bad Person? I’m sure I was much less concerned with my academic results at school (which is how I developed these appalling study habits), so at what point did my performance as a student become a measure of my worth as a person? Dad just tried to convince me that handing this assignment in three hours late (my current estimate) would not put me on par with Stalin, but since his first response to my question was “Well, what would Kant say?”, he didn’t really succeed (although I do feel a bit better now). I’m pretty sure that Kant would say that failing to hand my essay in at the agreed time would be tantamount to breaking a promise, so I might as well just go out and commit murder as far as he’s concerned. (Dad then tried appealing to the consequentialists, but the damage was done.) Still, I feel a bit more secure in the knowledge that at least my parents will still love me.

Incidentally, The Guardian is my homepage and here is today’s news: Saddam sentenced to hang. I find this so disturbing – I might come back to it, once my brain becomes my own again.