There is an interesting interview with Courtney Love in today’s Guardian. I mean, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before, really, but it’s always nice to read an article written by someone who respects her. I would much rather read about her “sprawling intelligence” and “keen beauty” than how fucked up people think she is. I like the way Laura Barton has put her plastic surgery into context, and presents Courtney Love as a complex, interesting and whole person.

Courtney Love is so interesting to me. The way she is perceived – the role that the media have assigned her, the things that are written about her, the shorthand she has become – is the clearest example I can think of of the prevailing sexism in popular culture. You know, I’m wary of throwing these sorts of statements around too cavalierly, but I really feel that Courtney Love is so widely villified because she’s a woman.

(I think she’s magnificent and I still want to be her when I grow up.)