Listening to: Hairdresser on Fire – Morrissey

I played soccer tonight, for T’s team (7-a-side, 40-minute game). I have been so reluctant to in the past, because I assumed I would feel out of my depth and it would end up being a huge blow to my self-esteem, but actually I had a lot of fun. Our team played really well – we didn’t score any goals, and I lost count of the other team’s, but we kept at it. Absurdly, the other team remained aggressively competitive throughout (once it’s 10-0, why not just enjoy yourselves?), and, in the pettiest move ever, offered us the limpest of post-game handshakes (if you’re going to shake hands at all, shake hands – if the most can manage is a snide brush of the fingertips, just don’t bother). Anyway, I really enjoyed myself.

I have an appointment for an expensive haircut tomorrow morning, and I’m nervous about it. I have no idea what I want (which is why I’m not cutting it myself), except that I don’t want anything trendy, I don’t want anything that requires me to style my hair (or use, ahem, “hair product”), and I still want to keep more or less growing my hair out. Is this doable? I don’t think I’ve had a professional haircut since before I got my dreads (and I’ve never had a good haircut).

I borrowed the first eight episodes of the first season of Carnivàle from the library this weekend, and I’m totally hooked. I couldn’t get into it at all when it was on TV (I missed the first few episodes and was lost), but it’s really terrific. That whole Depression/dust bowl thing, carnies, good-versus-evil, an excellent cast – get it, if you can.

I’m feeling very indifferent about Christmas.