Listening to: Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis – Tom Waits

Merry Christmas! I hope your day went smashingly. Mine was quite nice – baked cakes and pottered around by myself all day until dinner at T’s parents’ house (they’re caterers, so the food was really good). Played boardgames until late into the evening. My uncle and his partner are staying here, but I haven’t seen much of them (they’re out and about visiting people every day, and I am antisocial). Jiangmin (my uncle’s partner) did teach me to make layered Chinese pancakes yesterday, though – they’re so cool. We made a sweet version, with peanut butter (in lieu of sesame paste) and brown sugar, and a savoury one with spring onions.

It’s all stormy today – I went for a (really good) run last night and kept seeing these flashes in the sky off to my right and thought it must be fireworks or something (because it was so contained in that one area), but was woken up by thunder right over our house at six this morning. It was beautiful, with all that dawn light. And now it’s back again, which is both good (pretty!) and bad (because I was going to cycle into the city to see Marie Antoinette. I still have an hour – maybe the rain will have come and gone by then).

I am finally reading DIY: The Rise of Lo-Fi Culture (I pushed it under a pile of stuff after it arrived so that it wouldn’t distract me from studiousness, and didn’t find it again until yesterday), and it’s really interesting. Or at least I think it is – I’ve read about three pages, and it sent me straight to my diary to sketch out all these embroidery plans. It’s reinvigorated my desire to make stuff.

I should probably turn off the computer and put on some rubber-soled shoes or something.

What exciting gifts did you get? How did you spend your day? Any plans for New Year’s Eve?

P.S. Rad! I did get some Crocs (well, the Target equivalent – my feet are between sizes in real Crocs), and you’re right; they’re really comfortable.