Listening to: Urge for Going – Joni Mitchell

I finished Cal by Bernard MacLaverty the other day (it’s very short), and now I’ve dedicated myself to The Brothers Karamazov. (Rad, you’re a big Chekhov fan – how are you on the other Russian classics? Have you read Dostoyevsky?) I quite liked Cal – there are a couple of complaints about the ending on the Amazon page, but I thought that was where the story finally paid off. I was starting to have my doubts about it before then. Also, it’s described as a love story both on Amazon and the book’s own back cover blurb, but I think that’s really misleading – it’s very much a story about Cal himself, as an individual (and to the extent that it is a love story, it’s not a very romantic one).

Volver was good, but not brilliant. The sort of film you’d enjoy if you stumbled upon it on SBS one night, but not something especially memorable.

I am applying for an international scholarship that I will never in a million years get, and I am driving myself crazy trying to write a Statement of Purpose. I have been staring at a blank Word document for about a week now. I have no idea what these people want to hear, but I really, really want them to give me a place, and the whole thing is paralysing! But I paid an outlandish amount of money to my university for an academic transcript yesterday, so I’m committed. I have such itchy feet.