Listening to: Deep in the Woods – The Birthday Party

Despite my impression that there’s nothing on at the moment, I’ve been going to see lots of movies lately. Today it was Pan’s Labyrinth, which was just brilliant. It looked magnificent, the post-Civil War setting was really interesting (and even though the circumstances and location were completely different, it put Colm Tóibín’s The South in pictures for me [if that makes any sense at all]), and some of the fairy tales told were fascinating and lovely. There were also some pretty big flaws (I don’t know how to handle spoiler tags or LJ-like cuts, so I probably shouldn’t go into what I thought they were here), but they didn’t detract too much from the good stuff. The violence was pretty graphic, too, and I couldn’t watch a lot of it. But really – go and see it. (Also, I really liked the costumes.)