Listening to: Suck My Left One – Bikini Kill

Things to read:

Why Women Aren’t Funny – Christopher Hitchens. It’s not even worth critiquing, because it’s a cheap attempt at being controversial, but for fuck’s sake. (Link courtesy of The F Word blog.)

Eh, that’s all, really. I just emailed my scholarship application to my lecturer for proofreading (she offered), and I don’t have to go to work, and I’m bored. Which is so ridiculous – there are loads of interesting things I could be doing. I am going to have to give myself a stern talking-to. I have a million craft projects to start/finish, a very thick book to read and I haven’t seen my bedroom carpet in about six months. Ooh, and lots of Late Night Live podcasts to listen to (actually, the last one I listened to featured Christopher Hitchens talking about Thomas Paine…).

I need a better job (even though I still really, really love the public library experience). The structurelessness of the on-call casual’s life is not working for me (although when I did it last summer I got stacks of work – maybe I should encourage some of my colleagues to quit at short notice or break their legs or take off on round-the-world trips). Or I need to go to Norway. I would prefer the latter. (Sorry about all the whingeing.)