Listening to: Divine Hammer – The Breeders

The resource centre is back open after its extended Christmas break, and it has saved me from myself – I have spent the last few days assembling our new shelves (this may not sound exciting, but they’ve been on C’s wishlist forever and we’ve never had the funding)! The local library community has been extremely generous, and as well as our (very nice) new shelves, we’ve received something close to 3,000 new-to-us books, which are sitting in boxes all over the place, waiting to be catalogued. (Many of them were published this decade!) The cataloguing’s going to be a slow process – in between returns and answering phones and whatnot, I managed to do about 10 books over the course of four hours last Thursday. (We copy-catalogue a lot, but we usually have to come up with new call numbers for everything [or else our entire collection would be contained within 305.42], and we’re all still pretty new at it.)

The shelves, though, bring almost-instant gratification. We had lots of fun trying to figure out a new floorplan (space is still pretty limited, so we’ve had to be creative), and I spent this afternoon banging them together with a rubber mallet while C dealt with all the usual library stuff out the front. They look very smart.

I sent my scholarship application off to Oslo this morning – please remind me not to get my hopes up (I have already planned my new life in Europe down to the last detail).

I’m making my first dress – it’s been a bit of a challenge, and oh how it’s made me wish I knew what the proper rules were when it came to sewing, but I think I’m going to end up with a wearable garment! I’m quite pleased with my progress so far. It’s an amalgamation of a couple of patterns and a couple of my existing dresses (I tried to find a nice easy commerical pattern to follow, but I couldn’t find anything perfect). I’ll post a pictre when it’s finished!