Listening to: My Finest Hour – The Sundays

I have been moving books around at the resource centre for the last week (two weeks?), and now I’ve started taking them all home with me. I’ve just sat here at my desk and read 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff, and it was delightful. Don’t Google it; the newer covers are garish and modern, and it looks like there was a film made of it, about which I do not want to know because it might spoil everything. But if you ever happen to come across a nice ’70s edition, take it home with you. It’s lovely.

P.S. The last two Late Night Live Summer podcasts I have listened to have been terrific; the discussion of Marx’s Das Kapital from 17/1/2007, and the 80th anniversary of Family Planning interview from 16/1/2007. Both are available on iTunes and from the Radio National website here and here.