Listening to: Cathedral Heat – Kristin Hersh

I have been reading this Ask Metafilter thread about food refrigeration, and have noticed a strange consensus on storing potatoes and onions separately. Am I the only person who has never heard of this rule? Why can’t you store them together? We’ve always stored our onions and potatoes in the same place – are they going to give us cancer?

It’s 40 degrees here at the moment, and it is thoroughly unpleasant. I just rode to the Central Market to get some ice cream (Soy Delicious in Mocha Almond Fudge and Peanut Butter Zigzag), and it was worth it but horrible. Is there somewhere out there in the world where it is a steady 18-20 degrees Celsius all year round? What’s the job market like there?

Anyway, films I have seen recently: The Last King of Scotland (about which I find myself curiously without opinion – I didn’t enjoy it, because it wasn’t that sort of film, but I didn’t hate it, and apart from that it’s just… something I watched) and The Accidental Tourist (good – I don’t know how it measured up to this particular Anne Tyler novel, but it captured a general Anne Tylerness that I liked – but William Hurt annoyed me. This could be because I have an impression of William Hurt as not being a very nice person in real life, but I think it’s also that he doesn’t give enough as an actor – I understood that his character was supposed to be reserved, and grieving, and I was on board with that, but the way he played it also really dulled the romance of the ending for me. Still, lots of other likeable elements).

I have been making lots of long gathered skirts, which, I realise now, are completely impractical for a cyclist, but I’m really pleased with them anyway. If I had the energy, I’d trek upstairs to get the camera and take a photo, but I don’t. Did I mention the 40 degrees?