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Rad asked where all the good crafty sites are (since The Guardian‘s is only so-so), so here is a small list. It isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a start and I’ll add more as I think of them.

Craftster – I’ve never really warmed to Craftster as a community, but it can be quite good for tutorials and ideas (especially on clothing reconstruction and alteration). I tend not to trawl the boards much myself, but get the good Craftster links from reading people’s blogs – try How to turn a men’s shirt into a cap-sleeved top and How to make a lined zippered pouch.

Craftzine – I really like this one. Full of good links.

Not Martha – Among other things (a nice blog, for one), home of (I think) the definitive guides to making lip balm and marble magnets.

Thimble – General craftiness. Cool tutorial on making thrummed mittens recently (not something I can ever see myself making, but interesting nonetheless).

Whip Up – Sometimes it’s tutorials, sometimes it’s just about craftiness.

One Hour Craft – Good for a nice quick project. I quite like this one. (Includes a “Beginner Craft” category.)

OhMyStars – T-shirt surgery and other clothing alteration tutorials.

Etsy – The crafty marketplace. Enter at your own peril. I went on a spending spree there the other week, and am trying to restrain myself from visiting too often. But it’s really good for inspiration, as well as shopping. See also Cut + Paste.’s Girl Wide Web – Not all great, but it’s where I got started with all of this.

Some more specific crafty sites:

Tie One On – Aprons! I’ve probably linked to this before. Amy also has a blog, which I like.

Knitty – Free knitting patterns and instructional articles. If knitting is your thing, I cannot recommend Knitting Help enough – instructional videos for all those techniques you can’t get your head around. Also, many, many knitting blogs – See Eunny Knit, Saartje Knits, Web-Goddess, etc.

Stencil Revolution – I love this site.

Wardrobe Remix – Inspiration! I particularly like Wearmystuff/Toast. and Broken heart’s hard to mend ROLF lMAO.

Okay, I’d best click the publish button before my computer eats this enormous post. I used up our download limit getting hold of the first 9 episodes of Heroes (oh, I know), and things are going slowly for the rest of the month.