Listening to: Dum Maro Dum – Asha Bhosle and the Kronos Quartet

First night of Womadelaide!

So far: Lila Downs (Mexico/USA) was okay, Lunasa (Ireland) were pretty good but were dwarfed by the main stage and the enormous crowd (might try and see them again on a smaller stage), and Rebetiki (Greek band from Melbourne) were wonderful. They played after dark on the Moreton Bay stage (in a grove of Moreton Bay fig trees), and the atmosphere was relaxed and happy, and some people danced and some people dozed, and the music was teriffic. They’re playing in Melbourne on the 31st – see them if you can.

My mum’s come with us this year (usually it’s just me and Dad), and it’s really nice to spend time with her like this (at home, she’s usually pretty stressed).

I have taken photos, and will upload them soon. The art installations are kind of underwhelming this year, but to be fair I haven’t fully explored the park yet and may not have seen the main one. There were stacks of people out tonight – usually things don’t pick up until the Saturday. Hmm.