Listening to: From Little Things Big Things Grow – Kev Carmody

The book is Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston; listening to Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier.

(Oh, god. Now there’s a photo of me on the internet. Do I dare…?)


Day 2 of Womadelaide was terrific. I saw Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier (really good), Etran Finatawa (also really good – reminded me of Tinariwen, whom we saw a couple of years ago), Kev Carmody (fantastic – entertaining between-songs banter, too), the Waifs (from a distance – listened to them while wandering around getting dinner – much better than I thought they’d be), Yasmin Levy (amazing voice – like Spanish yodelling) and Mariza (another amazing voice).

Stage 2, Womadelaide 2007

The only downside is that Botanic Park is packed. There must be double the number of people in previous years. I know that tickets have sold out, and it’s actually been difficult to move around at times. I don’t know what they’ve done differently – have they advertised interstate this year? – but it’s insane. There’s more litter around as a result, which is annoying – Womad’s supposed to be a rubbish-free event (there are only two types of bins – recyclable and biodegradable – which are everywhere, and everything sold at the event fits into one of them). That said, the atmosphere is still basically the same as always, and I feel so at ease this weekend. People, get yourselves to a folk festival. The Canberra one’s on at Easter.

Lampshade tree

I’m working tomorrow afternoon, but after that am hoping to see Asha Bhosle and the Kronos Quartet, and Salif Keita!