Listening to: North Sea Bubble (Live Bootleg version)– Billy Bragg

Firstly, I now have a Flickr account (all of the usernames I have ever used anywhere on the internet were taken, so I just followed through with the My Finest Hour theme). It’s pretty much all Womad at the moment, plus there’s a photo of my new Ikea bed. I finally got fed up with tripping over things and dead-legging myself on my old bed because there was no room to swerve and avoid it, and took a trip to Ikea last weekend and bought myself a Tromsö (that picture shows the single; mine’s actually a double bed). It’s completely transformed my shoebox of a room, and it forced me to clear all the crap off my desk so I actually have somewhere to study now! We’ll see how long this lasts. I have already twice hit my head on that weird low bit of ceiling next to the ladder, but I can live with it. I don’t expect to sleep in this bed for the rest of my life or anything (although the loft bed as a concept has awakened all these childhood fantasies, plus it reminds me of the bed in the yurt), but it suits my current needs wonderfully.

Secondly, I watched A Fat Rant by Joy Nash this morning, and it’s pretty terrific: