Listening to: Face Like a Spider – Frente!

This Melbourne ad confuses me every time:

It’s quite pretty, but it doesn’t work very well, because I don’t associate it with Melbourne at all. In my head, it’s a car ad or something. They don’t tell you what they’re advertising until the end, and the song is by Joanna Newsom – because god knows there are no musicians in Melbourne whose music they could have used, right? Oh, it confounds me.

In other news, building websites is hard. A couple of months ago, after some encouragement from certain members of the resource centre’s collective, I was all, “Hey, buy us a copy of Dreamweaver and we’ll figure it out! The internet is The People’s Medium, DIY, grassroots, blah blah blah! Whoo!”. Now? Eh. I mean, it’s great – in between the long stretches of banging my head against the desk, I have risen very slightly above the level of complete ignorance of html, which is sure to come in handy one day if I ever need to italicise anything. If you would like to see my efforts (and if you have any suggestions! Any! Please!), it’s here: [I chickened out and removed it]. Just remove the spaces and stuff (I’m likely to whinge about the library again at some point, so I don’t want to link directly and out myself to my colleagues, who are really lovely – despite my whingeing, it is truly the greatest job I can imagine having). We kind of collaborated in the initial stages, but C has been all “Oh, you know so much more about computers” (which is fair enough, since she does six thousand times more work than I do in general), so I have ended up doing most of it myself, from a template that is apparently impossible to edit. Why does a cursor appear when you click on the headings? Why?! I probably need to take some sort of class.