Listening to: Improperly Dressed – The Slits

Oh, wow, blogging from Flickr is weird. There’s code all over the place!

The back is here.

It’s a bit creased, because I’ve been wearing it all day and sitting on the back, but – ta da! I’ve been on a big sewing kick lately, after spying Eithne Farry’s Yeah, I Made It Myself in a book shop a few weeks ago. I’m slowly making my way through my fabric stash, which is so exciting because I’ve been a bit precious about it in the past (you know, the “that fabric’s too good to use” syndrome). My next one is going to be made out of this fabulous fabric, which I scored at my favourite op shop about two years ago.

And about the patches – I’m probably coming off as some sort of Euromaniac lately, but I collected these from almost everywhere I went last time I travelled (couldn’t find any in Aachen, Trier or Manchester – obviously something seriously wrong with their tourism bureaus), and have been looking for the perfect naff-but-cool use for them ever since. And that will be the end of it, I promise.

ETA: I have taken photos of of the first skirt now, too. It’s made from a cool, almost hessian-like fabric which may or may not be linen. The cool thing about these skirts is that I can use all those little 1.5m lengths of fabric that people send to op shops because they can’t do anything with them! The red fabric, on the other hand, is something I have metres and metres of – I still don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of it (it’s verging on Christmas-y, so I’ve kind of avoided it until now).