Listening to: The Goodman – Kate Rusby

I got my first spam comment today! I feel like a real blogger at last.

I’ve been listening to Amsterdam Forum podcasts on my last couple of runs – the marriage one and the conscription one. I really like them (even though I’m starting to think that they deliberately choose particularly insane Americans to counter their European guests), and they offer a nice change of scene – I love Philip Adams dearly, but I’m kind of suffering from Late Night Live burnout (although I’m really looking forward to listening to his discussion of atheism with Michel Onfray). I was frustrated by the lack of political perspective on the Amsterdam Forum discussion of marriage, though – I guess there’s only so much you can pack into a 40-minute discussion, but I would’ve liked them to go further into the implications of being somebody’s wife and why that might be affecting people’s decisions not to marry.

I am still working on my database assignment. It’s going slowly and I’m freaking out a bit. I didn’t get an extension (I though it might be pushing my luck a bit after getting one for each of the other two assignments), and living on the edge is not as much fun as it’s made out to be. Aieee.