Listening to: We Rule the School – Belle & Sebastian

I’m free! I’m free! Also, I just went to Target and I got the shakes while I was standing in line for the changing rooms, but I’m not sure if this is actually a result of the whole assignment stress/lack of sleep/lack of food issue, or if it was just a reaction to the horrible fashions. I’m sure it’ll pass soon.

Yea! I’m going to Melbourne tomorrow! Rad and I are going to tackle sock-knitting, so I’m sehr* excited.

We (mum, dad, brother and me) are going to T’s 21st birthday party this evening. I’ve never been to anyone’s fancy 21st before (they’ve hired a little hall and everything), so I’m very curious and quite pleased to have been invited, even though I won’t know very many people. There’s going to be a piñata (and it’s full of vegan lollies)!

Happy weekend/uni holidays, everyone.

*I’m trying to make Deutschlish a thing.