July 2007

Listening to: Sundown Sundown – Mick Harvey and Sarah Blasko

Rad, this one’s for you: how to make knitting needle bangles (link courtesy of Craftzine). Oh, and I meant to ask – what are you knitting that’s lacy?

I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this afternoon, at the Capri. I haven’t reread the book since it first came out, so I’m not entirely clear on what was left out, but it felt very slight. It was enjoyable, but then suddenly it was over and I felt like nothing had actually happened yet. And they have this fantastic cast (not only David Thewlis, Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter and the like, but also the kids who play Ginny and Neville and the rest of the DA) who are lucky if they get a line, or more than a minute of screentime. But that’s okay – it’s the books I really like, and I mainly watch the films for the set design, and to see the casting decisions (I think they’ve done really well there, for the most part, even if the actors are then under-utilised). Dolores Umbridge’s room was pretty much worth the price of the ticket in itself. I wish they had cast someone taller to play Harry (I’m rereading The Half-Blood Prince and Mrs Weasley’s commenting on Ron and Harry’s growth spurts, and it’s so distracting how everyone towers over Daniel Radcliffe in the films), but I guess it’s too late to worry about it now.

And this one’s for me (and then no more YouTube for a while, I promise! But this is what one does when one’s off sick):

I borrowed the Rockwiz Duets CD from work, and I love it. And I’m sure I’ve mentioned my Mick Harvey crush before.


Listening to: Terry – Kirsty MacColl

Oh, and how great is this? (I love YouTube. To think that we used to have to wait around for someone likeminded to programme Rage! I have also been watching lots of Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Have I Got News For You clips while I convalesce.)

Listening to: Deep in the Woods – The Birthday Party

I have a rotten cold (I’m at the Great Hacking Cough stage), and have been doing lots of reading and knitting. I finished The L-Shaped Room, and have started A Confederacy of Dunces (I haven’t looked too closely at that Wikipedia entry because I don’t want to spoil myself; I hope it’s okay).

Rad, how are your socks going? After knitting a fair bit of leg, I found that I couldn’t get my Jaywalker over my stupidly big foot. I bought Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Without Tears while I was wandering around Melbourne city last week killing time before heading to the airport and I’m now a convert to measuring everything (gauge swatches!), so I’ve switched to Knitty’s Universal Toe-Up sock pattern and am having much more success (although still confusing myself a bit with all the wrapping and turning). The lesson here is: don’t be afraid of maths! It comes in peace. Also – fabric knit on 2mm needles takes forever to materialise, but is gorgeously dense.

Melbourne was fabulous, and Rad and I made good use of our two and two-halves days (I know that looks wrong, but eh): the Guggenheim Collection at the National Gallery of Victoria (such a great a exhibition – if you have a chance to go, it’s there until October and completely worth seeing), the State Library, Craft Victoria for the scarf exhibition, the Vegie Bar in Brunswick Street, Clubland (the movie – I really enjoyed it), Vegan Wares for shoes, Macro Wholefoods, gorgeous houses, lovely smoke-free pubs (such a well-timed trip!), trams… I should go there more often. Thank you so much, Rad.

I have my marks back from last semester, and I passed – overall, a Credit and a Distinction, so I can’t complain (although I will – do we get a chance to give feedback at some point?). One semester of coursework to go! Whoo!

I have my first yoga class this evening, so I’d best gather up some loose-fitting clothing and get myself ready.