Listening to: Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan

My mother is sitting upstairs singing tunelessly along to this (Like a Rolling Stone requires shouty tunelessness).

Anyway, what I wanted to say is write this down in your diaries: 4th of November, Glenelg Primary School, Adelaide Vegan Festival! Cool, no? I’m excited. I saw a flyer for it at uni the other day (!), and have written it on our calendar in pen.

Mum and I have joined the knitting group at the public library where I work – today was the first one. It was pretty cool (actually, really cool), but now I feel hopelessly inadequate. That thing, where you sort of flick your wrist a couple of times and have miraculously ribbed a whole row? I don’t have the faintest idea how to do that. I had thought that teaching myself continental knitting was going to be the answer, but no – they’re doing it the English/American/right-handed way, just really, really, really efficiently. I will have to study them closely over the next few months. Anyway, it was nice and chatty and I scored points by having free access to the photocopier.

I made Knitty’s Urchin yesterday – I had to adjust it all to fit my gauge, and it ended up pretty big, but I like it. It would be perfect if I still had my dreads. It’s very warm – maybe I should move to Aberdeen or somewhere instead of London, because I’ve been amassing a lot of lovely but totally unnecessary cold weather gear lately. I will edit this and add pictures later this evening.

P.S. C., we may have to get some of these for ourselves.