Listening to: Coffee + TV – Blur

Argh! I’ve just taken a little lunch break (my assignment is actually progressing at last) and have been torturing myself by looking at London rental properties. It’s completely exhilerating – seriously, I think my face is actually flushed after seeing the words “close to Tesco superstore”, or this:

Clapham Tube Station, I think

Exhilerating, but disheartening. My lunch break has stretched into two hours, and I have concluded that I am going to have to couple up with someone if I am ever going to afford that kind of rent on a studio flat (even if I resist converting the price tags back into Australian dollars, they’re slightly alarming. Does anyone know any wealthy bachelors who disdain sunshine?). Studio flats above shops, studio flats near Tube stations, studio flats with manky carpeting which boast “neutral decor” (when did neutral decor become desirable? Yuck). I don’t think I have the words to express how badly I want to go, how much I want to live in a country I wasn’t born in. I think it’s a sign that things are calming down a bit here, because until a couple of months ago this was all I could think about all the time, too.

Today is deliciously grey and rainy, too, which is perfect weather for thinking of England.