Listening to: Skinny Tie Sensurround – Bis

The Vegan Festival was ace! Because of all the rain, most of the stalls had been moved into the school hall and things got pretty cramped with all of the people trying to move through, but it was worth it. There were lots of cakes and cupcakes (we bought ours from the Greens, and they were really good!), and local restaurants like Zen House and Sarah’s Café had lunchy things, and there were various food product stalls (including a cheese company whose card I have somewhere…if I find it, I’ll post a link) and anti-animal cruelty organisations, and there was music. The best thing was that there were quite a lot of people there! That was also the worst thing, though, so we only stayed for about 45 minutes, but I’d totally go again next year. I don’t know any other Adelaide vegans (although I’ve signed up to the Adelaide Vegans mailing list now!), so it was quite exciting to see so many vegan-friendly people in one place.

C. threw me a little party at work on Friday – she made tacos and cupcakes, and we popped party poppers (which I used to be deathly afraid of, but now find delightful)! It was extremely nice.

I finally finished We Need to Talk About Kevin on Friday morning. Has anyone else read it? I thought it was brilliant, so well-realised. If anyone has read it, there’s an interesting interview with Lionel Shriver at , but I always think it’s better to go into these things with no preconceptions, so don’t read it if you haven’t read the book!

There is a new F Word podcast up (I haven’t listened to it yet because it’s been too rainy to go running, but I’m really looking forward to it because the last one was great – does anyone know of any other good feminist podcasts?), and a bunch of new stuff to read over there on women’s football, Persephone Books (I love Persephone Books! When I move to England, I’m going to get a subscription), campaigning in Sheffield, feminists and their surnames, and this little call for feminist men in London.

And finally, The Librarians. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was; it was dismal. I don’t understand how they managed to go so wrong – public libraries are full of comic possibility. Not only was it not funny, but the little details were stupid, too – like, in what universe could you blackmail your way into a local government job the way Ros Hammond’s character did (how did Frances explain it to the HR people?)?