Listening to: Barangrill – Joni Mitchell

Argh! Technology!

First we lost our internet connection for nearly two weeks because apparently that’s how long it takes to reconnect when there’s been a fault on your phone line (thanks, Telstra!), and now the fancy-schmancy mobile phone my dad gave me has turned itself off and I can’t turn it back on. Seriously! I have no idea how. I’ve pressed all the buttons, I’ve held down all the buttons and counted to ten, I’ve tried combinations of buttons… every now and then it wil spring to life with the Motorola logo, but that’s it! I miss my old phone, even though it was crappy and the screen was cracked.

Anyway, whinge, whinge, whinge. I know. Where is my Christmas spirit?

Mum and I are off to Bali tomorrow, which should be lots of fun. We’ll head straight up to Ubud to meet L & T, who have successfully lined up jobs for next year at their school of choice. We’ll only be with them for a couple of days before they go home, and they’ll be back in Indonesia to start work a couple of weeks after that. So that’s exciting!

Also, I have new shoes! I developed a minor addiction during those dark end-of-semester days, and they’ve finally started arriving in the post. I love them.

Finally, how great is this weather? I think I have summer-onset SAD. The rain/coolness has improved my mood immensely.

I hope you all have a nice end-of-year celebrationy time, and that you are given nice presents, and that people are suitably impressed by the gifts you give them. I hope you get enough of a break to read a good book or two, and that you manage to think of some cool new year’s resolutions (I’ve never done new year’s resolutions before, but I’m trying to come up with enough things in time to start my 1001 days on the first of January).

Selamat Hari Natal!