April 2008

Listening to: Desperation Made a Fool of Me – Belle & Sebastian

I love this idea: guerrilla gardeners make London pretty.


I forgot to add that while I was randomly surfing library-related sites at work today, I discovered that 2008 is the Year of Zbigniew Herbert!

This (Episode) is one of my favourite poems.

Listening to: Gigolo (or I Can’t Get Out of What I’m Into) – Liz Phair

Some things:

– I have joined a gym! Hopefully, next time I visit the resource centre C. will let me carry something heavier than a pencil.

– I found this funny (even though it’s completely juvenile and silly) – Britain’s Fallen Soldiers (from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – their new website is so much better than the old one, but I still can’t figure out how to embed the video).

– I have been listening to Liz Phair’s Girlysound demos non-stop for the past couple of weeks (Google them; there’s a website with mp3s). There have been a couple of articles lately, on Feministing and Jezebel, celebrating the genius of Exile in Guyville (and, to a lesser extent, Whip-Smart – I love both), and I think one of them must have linked to this Slate review (which argues that the problem with Phair is not so much that she sold out, but that she doesn’t write good songs anymore) but I can’t find the source.

– As a potential future London resident, I am disturbed to find that Boris Johnson is actually a viable candidate in the mayoral elections. Ken Livingstone is awesome (for a politician?); why would anyone mess with that? And while I can understand the desire/need for a change of government, it worries me that people might vote Conservative just for that reason (not just in London – it pains me to think that when people here eventually get sick of having a Labor government [and fair enough], the only alternative will be the Coalition again). Stupid two-party systems. (Yeah, I know I’m always arguing that the Greens are better off not being a major party, but still.)

– I have just finished reading The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. I had been dimly aware of the film for ages (I still haven’t tracked down a copy, but I can just picture Maggie Smith in the title role), and I bought the book a few months ago to celebrate the end of uni (and promptly lost it under a pile of crap – it didn’t actually take me months to read!). It is completely delightful. If I had had anyone to read excerpts aloud to, I would have, constantly. I love Miss Brodie, but my favourite parts are Sandy’s conversations with the Lady of Shalott and Alan Breck (Muriel Spark perfectly captures the early adolescent imagination there). If anyone would like my copy, let me know.

– I love these jeans so much I want to marry them.

– I uploaded some knitting photos to Flickr a little while ago, and will do some more soon (the jumpers are still stalled at their necklines, but I’ve made a lot of progress on the capelet):