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Oooh, this article in the New Yorker – “The Itch” – is horrifying but fascinating (and science-y!):

One morning, after she was awakened by her bedside alarm, she sat up and, she recalled, “this fluid came down my face, this greenish liquid.” She pressed a square of gauze to her head and went to see her doctor again. M. showed the doctor the fluid on the dressing. The doctor looked closely at the wound. She shined a light on it and in M.’s eyes. Then she walked out of the room and called an ambulance. Only in the Emergency Department at Massachusetts General Hospital, after the doctors started swarming, and one told her she needed surgery now, did M. learn what had happened. She had scratched through her skull during the night—and all the way into her brain.


(Link courtesy of Jezebel.)

We’re starting to move this weekend, but will be doing it in bits and pieces because we don’t have much simultaneous time off. I haven’t seen the house since I wandered around it for two minutes at the open inspection, and Mum’s never seen the inside, so I hope it’s okay (I remember it being nice).

Also, question: do you have a prepared answer for when someone asks you what your favourite book is? I guess it’s one of those standard small-talk questions upon finding out that someone is a library person, but I always panic in the face of it and fumble about trying to think of the real answer (I don’t think I have one favourite book, and I don’t think strangers want to hear a shortlist of Important Books That Have Changed My Life). There must be a more efficient way. What do you do? This has come up several times recently.