Listening to: V.G.I. – Julie Ruin

– Do wolves have accents? I found this cool link on Ask Metafilter to animal sounds in other languages. Bees, ravens and cows are pretty consistent, but I wonder how people settled on their particular national parrot phrases.

Article from the Guardian about musicians performing in UK prisons:

For two hours, in a place where hope was the rarest commodity, [John Martyn] lifted hearts and humanised souls like nothing I had ever experienced. Watching him perform May You Never – just him and an acoustic guitar, singing just for us, the unwanted, reminded us that we were members of the human race. Any musician who can go into a prison and do that deserves all our gratitude.

Here’s an earlier article about Jail Guitar Doors.

Also, Pauline Campbell died in May, and I meant to link to some articles about her (1, 2,
3, 4). Her daughter died in prison in 2003, and she dedicated the rest of her own life to campaigning for prison reform.

– There was free running on The Bill tonight!

– I am trying to figure out Peruvian knitting, because it seems to be the fastest method and I have a lot of projects I want to try. You hold the right needle like a pencil and manoeuvre the yarn with your right middle finger…which is the part I’m finding almost impossible. I have taken to staring intently at Women of a Certain Age who knit in public, trying to figure out the trick.