Listening to: It’s Too Late – 7 Year Bitch

Hello! Hello!

I’m at the old house to collect the modem and take it to the new place – fingers crossed that I can figure out the networking stuff and get the printer going and so on. Anyway, no exciting news or links, but I do have a request: do any of you know of any good resources to do with emigrating? They don’t even need to be specifically related to the UK or Europe, just general info or stories (fiction, even) would be good, as I’m just looking to get myself in the right frame of mind at this stage. I’ve found lots of travel guides, but I’m clearly not using the right keywords for anything more long-term.

I have budgeted and set a new date, and I aim to head overseas at the beginning of September 2009! Which is much later than I’d originally planned, but you know, there were hiccups. At least this way I can be absolutely 100% prepared and not have to come home with my tail between my legs after two months (right?).

Anyway, that’s my news. The new house is cramped (we have too much furniture for so few people), but comfortable, and I think it’s going to be really nice once spring gets here and we actually have a chance to see it during daylight.

Oh! The new Martha Wainwright album, I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too, is very good – especially her cover of Love is a Stranger (how is it that, even though I have never been especially conscious of them or known any hardcore fans or anything, I always seem to know all the words to Eurhythmics songs? Is it subliminal? Was There Must Be An Angel secretly piped into our bedrooms as we slept during the ’80s?). The new Billy Bragg album, on the other hand, is just okay, but I blame Grant Showbiz. The material is good, he’s awesome live, it’s just that the production sucks the life out of it all (I had this problem with England, Half English, too, and Don’t Try This at Home).

And obviously I haven’t been reading the internet much lately (I am reading a good book, The Journey Home by Olaf Olafsson – that Guardian article piqued my interest about things Icelandic), but this Jezebel post caught my attention: the New York Times magazine interviews Patti Smith about her hair care routine.

Also, I finally saw the Sex and th City movie yesterday – thoughts? (I know Rad didn’t want to be spoiled, so I don’t want to openly discuss it if no one has seen it yet.)