Listening to: Ant in Alaska – Liz Phair

So I’m learning Dutch (finally made it to Week 2 of Dutch in 3 months!), and last week I got all excited about Amsterdam (if I can scrape together enough money, I’m thinking of stopping over there on my way through to England next year) and did a massive search for Amsterdam-set fiction and reserved lots of books from the library in the city. I’d just finished Olaf Olafsson’s The Journey Home, and I was feeling pretty good about adult fiction in general after a bit of a rut where I got stuck reading a bunch of books I didn’t particularly enjoy (I think I need to remember that I like YA fiction of a certain era. Although I did like Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist [have I linked to Inside a Dog before? It’s an excellent resource for teen fiction – thank you again, Victorian government]).

Anyway, I’m reading the first one now, Love Life by Ray Kluun, which sounded reasonably interesting in the blurb, but which is shit (its recognisable Amsterdamminess [!] is tempered by the fact that it’s about stupid yuppies and is basically written in the style of Patrick Bateman, minus the psychopathy), and I’m feeling disillusioned. Has anyone else read anything good lately? Any recommendations?

(So far, The Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam is next on my list.)