Listening to: Nice – The Simpletons

Does anyone remember this song (the one I’m listening to, the Simpletons one)? Out of curiosity, I ordered Matter from PVH Records recently (they took over a lot of the Candle Records catalogue, so I’m on their mailing list), because I kind of knew the band’s name (and because they have a song called Danielle) and because there’s a Darren Hanlon connection…anyway, this is by them! Which probably doesn’t help you, because you can’t hear it, but it’s so familiar. It’s one of those things they must have played 6 million times a day on Triple J in 1995 that then just faded into total obscurity. Oh, nostalgia! ‘Stine, were we in Mr. Whelan’s computing class in Year 9?

Other things:

– The Tropenmuseum is showing an exhibition about life in Indonesia at the moment – 24-Hour Indonesia – which includes Surabaya, where L & T live.

– There’s a short, mildly interesting article about illegal downloading and the scary (UK) government data monitoring implications of trying to stop it in the Guardian today, and it led me on a search for an article Billy Bragg wrote in the ’80s – I think it’s published in the Victim of Geography songbook, but I can’t check because it’s still packed away – about capitalism (not home taping) killing music. Anyway, I didn’t find that online, but I did find this really interesting interview with him where he discusses musicians’ rights and exploitation by big business and the potential of the internet for both further exploitation and a chance for musicians to take greater control of their own music (if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, you can go back to the first page and read a transcription of the highlights).

Ichigo Daifuku – they look so wonderful that I’m almost afraid to make them in case they’re not.

Jeffrey Lewis Space Invaders!