Listening to: Singing Machine – Kimya Dawson

Who read this Zoe Williams piece in today’s Guardian? It ends with this:

The only reason feminism gained any ground at all is that there was measurable injustice at the heart of it. There was a pay gap; there was an opportunities gap; there was a straightforward power void, where a woman was fine if she stayed the right side of her husband. The big mistake of this movement was not that it attacked men, nor that it turned us all into slags (I think that’s at the core of Gove’s point), but that it separated itself from socialism. It shouldn’t have. This movement either fights for fairness on behalf of all women, or it’s just a petty squabble between middle-class people, fighting for dominance in a conversation no one else is listening to.

Fairness has not yet been established. Women still earn less than men (14% less full-time, 34% less part-time), still look after the children in 93% of parental separations, won’t have fiscal equality in old age from the pension system for about 45 years. Men are ill-served by the NHS and die of unnecessary cancers, while women are screened much more often. Let’s attack this stuff that we can measure, attack it even if we’re not the victims of it, attack it even if it’s conflicting, here favouring men, there favouring women, attack it because its tangibility is an open flank. The rest is just noise.

Any thoughts?