November 2008

Listening to: Hot Topic – Le Tigre

It was a good weekend for movies! I also saw the excellent Itty Bitty Titty Committee:


Once you’ve all seen it, let’s open a dance club that plays Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney and pledge to write more political graffiti. (Has anyone noticed the dearth of graffiti in general lately? I used to have an on-going conversation with someone on the back of a toilet door about the legitimacy of using “slut” as an insult, but now everything seems to get painted over almost immediately. Plus, no one seems to have anything interesting to say, anyway – it’s all tags and A.B. + C.D. 4eva.)

Does anyone have any other recommendations for good feminist films?


Listening to: Under the Rotunda – The Lucksmiths

Hey, locals! A question: what do you do in Adelaide? Like, when you have an afternoon to yourself, where do you go? The art gallery? Thea Tea Shop? Enquiring minds want to know.

Listening to: Stanley Road – Paul Weller

Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but vanilla chai-flavoured So Good ice cream is actually pretty good.

Listening to: Grocer’s Devil Daughter – Miaow

Oh, my god. How is it that I’d never seen Wet Hot American Summer before today? It is a work of genius.

I saw Martha Wainwright at the Gov on Friday night, and it was such a great gig. I was trying to figure out the whole night why she reminded me so much of Courtney Love, and I finally figured out that it’s because I want to be her when I grow up. She is to my 28-year-old self what Courtney Love and PJ Harvey were to me as a teenager. Also, she was dressed more or less like this:

Hole 1991

I heard someone in the crowd say she was dressed like Margaret Thatcher, circa 1985. Have we forgotten the early ’90s so quickly? And Margaret Thatcher never dressed like a stewardess.

Oh, she was good. Like Rufus, she’s in love with the sound of her own voice but it’s totally justified, and it means she’s uninhibited and physical and emotive (there was dead silence from the audience when she did Stormy Weather – collective chills). (Annoyingly, there was not always dead silence the rest of the time, and I really should have said something to the idiots standing behind me.) I wish you all could’ve been there at the Gov, because she’s best appreciated in person. Here’s some YouTube stuff, but it’s comparatively crappy:

Factory, live in New York in June

– Her big band, Rufus-does-Judy version of Stormy Weather (she was just accompanied by Brad Albetta on piano on Friday night)

See Emily Play, also live in New York (featuring her cute drummer on guitar, but you can’t see him very well)

Came a Long Way with Rufus in 2005

Hard Times with Kate McGarrigle and Rufus Wainwright (in his Judy outfit – oh, those legs)

– Oh! Oh! But this is the best version ever. They’re practically babies.

Anyway, I am sewing. I’ve been sewing for some weeks now. Eventually, I will produce something wearable, I’m sure of it. Wish me luck.

Listening to: Ballad of a Thin Man – Bob Dylan

Do you read verse novels?

I keep coming across YA books with interesting synopses, only to find that they’re in verse – somehow that’s not remotely appealing to me. I like poetry and I like novels, but they don’t make a satisfying hybrid. Am I really missing out? Does anyone love them?

Listening to: Sunbeams and Some Beans– Kimya Dawson and friends

My copy of Kimya Dawson‘s Alphabutt arrived today! It’s her kids’ album, and it’s awesome. I wish it had been around when I was a kid – everyone should have someone reminding them to be their awesome selves and do things because they’re fun or kind or interesting or silly.

Oh! Here she is doing “We’re All Animals” at Ladyfest in London:


Listening to: Hummer – The Smashing Pumpkins

These are the finest eight minutes and twenty-two seconds ever committed to film:


“I’d go to Egypt…with a girl.”


  • Andre Rieu – what is that all about? Why is he so insanely popular? It’s just weird.

    (Sweet Jesus! Be careful if you click on that link – the streaming audio nearly gave me a heart attack.)

  • I am collecting amusing and/or outrageously offensive Mills & Boon titles at the moment. Current favourite is Pregnancy of revenge (closely followed by The determined virgin), but I’m also compiling lists by groom’s nationality (and discovering that sheikhs, Greeks, Spaniards, “desert kings”, men of non-specific Mediterranean origin and men from the Outback are largely interchangeable – all of them seek unexpected wi[ves], convenient wi[ves], chosen wi[ves] and kept wom[e]n). Oh, couldn’t you just swoon?
  • The Vegan Festival was on Sunday, and it was great! It was bigger than last year (last year it rained, I think, because everything was squished into the Glenelg Primary School hall – this year, it sprawled across the grounds), and there was lots to see and do. My only complaint is that there were too many good places to buy lunch – there are only so many lunches one can consume in a day! So now I have to wait until next year to try the other things. (Except, of course, that next year I will actually have to go to one of these instead!) I don’t know the name of it, but the place with the lentil and spicy chickpea burgers was awesome (and did really nice cakes, too).
  • Also, I have been playing with vegan marshmallows from the Cruelty Free Shop. They’re so much fun! I’ve been microwaving them and toasting them and making biscuits (too much biscuit, not enough marshmallow, though).
  • (Argh! I hate html! This is a space!)

    Finally, what are you reading? I’ve started another Raymond Chandler book (The long goodbye), and I really like it (even though it’s essentially a pulp novel, Chandler uses the most beautiful language – and Marlowe is just cool), but I’m also on the lookout for something else. Any recommendations? I’m open to anything.

    P.S. I needed a break from blogging because I was becoming self-conscious and weird about it, but hello there, I’m back.

    P.P.S. Siamese Dream, with fresh ears, is quite good. Quoting the lyrics, though, makes me feel awkward and fourteen.

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