Listening to: Grocer’s Devil Daughter – Miaow

Oh, my god. How is it that I’d never seen Wet Hot American Summer before today? It is a work of genius.

I saw Martha Wainwright at the Gov on Friday night, and it was such a great gig. I was trying to figure out the whole night why she reminded me so much of Courtney Love, and I finally figured out that it’s because I want to be her when I grow up. She is to my 28-year-old self what Courtney Love and PJ Harvey were to me as a teenager. Also, she was dressed more or less like this:

Hole 1991

I heard someone in the crowd say she was dressed like Margaret Thatcher, circa 1985. Have we forgotten the early ’90s so quickly? And Margaret Thatcher never dressed like a stewardess.

Oh, she was good. Like Rufus, she’s in love with the sound of her own voice but it’s totally justified, and it means she’s uninhibited and physical and emotive (there was dead silence from the audience when she did Stormy Weather – collective chills). (Annoyingly, there was not always dead silence the rest of the time, and I really should have said something to the idiots standing behind me.) I wish you all could’ve been there at the Gov, because she’s best appreciated in person. Here’s some YouTube stuff, but it’s comparatively crappy:

Factory, live in New York in June

– Her big band, Rufus-does-Judy version of Stormy Weather (she was just accompanied by Brad Albetta on piano on Friday night)

See Emily Play, also live in New York (featuring her cute drummer on guitar, but you can’t see him very well)

Came a Long Way with Rufus in 2005

Hard Times with Kate McGarrigle and Rufus Wainwright (in his Judy outfit – oh, those legs)

– Oh! Oh! But this is the best version ever. They’re practically babies.

Anyway, I am sewing. I’ve been sewing for some weeks now. Eventually, I will produce something wearable, I’m sure of it. Wish me luck.