Listening to: Never Be Lonely Again – Slow Down Tallahassee

Two blogs I am obsessed with at the moment:

  • Skatterbrain (found via Cat and Girl) – for all your twee pop needs. I have discovered so much good music here already (my only other sources these days are Mojo and Bitch reviews, so this is important), and I like people who like the Lucksmiths.
  • The Summer! mix from June last year is particularly awesome.

  • Baking Bites (found via the Craftzine blog) – what it says on the tin, basically. I like the writing and its vegan-friendliness (fostering good relations between vegans and omnivores the world over), and look at these recipes: lemon torte, peanut butter rice krispie bars (finally, a use for my vegan marshmallows – I’m sick of hot chocolate. Also, I’ve always been curious about American rice krispie treats), vampire cookies and vegan molasses apple tart!
  • Also, even though I obviously won’t be trying it myself, I am intrigued by this apple pie coffee cake with cheddar cheese recipe.