February 2009

Listening to: Song of Choice – Roaring Jack

Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones?

My favourites are the Guardian‘s Media Talk (not because I’m especially interested in the ins and outs of the British media, but I like the dynamic between the presenters) and BBC 4’s Friday Night Comedy News Quiz (which I love). I used to listen to Filmspotting, but I’ve gone off it a bit, so I’m looking for another – any suggestions?

(The F Word also did a couple of podcasts, but haven’t posted any new ones in over a year. I really enjoyed them.)


Listening to: If I Had Possession Over Pancake Day – Half Man Half Biscuit

Remind me to try this pancake recipe – I’ve been using the recipe from Vegan with a vengeance and I like it, but it’s a bit cakey and American-y.

Listening to: (Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Must Burn – The Birthday Party

Ooh, choosing 23kg of stuff to live with for the next 3 months (143kg in total, forever, after I ship 3 boxes) is going to be tricky. Plus, one of those shipped boxes is going to contain my rollerskates, which’ll use up a big chunk of my weight allowance. Aiee. What’s a girl to do?

Here is an interesting article about Ikea product names.

Listening to: Won’t Say Anything – Hello Seahorse!

C. had never heard of Stephen Fry, so I present to you the latest episode of QI available on YouTube (and it’s a pretty awesome one):

Episode 7: Fingers and Fumbs






Listening to: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath – The Cardigans

I got all excited about the prospect of donating blood once I get to the UK, because I can’t give any here having lived in the UK before (and I love giving blood – I’d be the best donor ever). So I checked the National Blood Service‘s website, and I might still not be able to give any blood, because they restrict people who’ve lived in some (undisclosed) overseas locations. Poo.

Listening to: Hairdresser on Fire – Morrissey

I know, I know – what am I like? (This is the weirdest, Englishest expression and I expect to be using it a lot from now on.) I ask for comments, I get them (thank you!) and then I go AWOL. Hopeless.

But I have an excellent excuse – out of nowhere, the opportunity to move to London in April burst on the scene, and it’s been distracting!

The story is that my aunt C. (why does everyone I know have to start with C?) went there for a holiday last October and stayed with a friend, and since she found out that I want to move to England she’s been angling hard for Shepherd’s Bush (did you know it was the most exciting place on Earth?). I’ve been kind of “yeah, yeah, whatever” about it, because London is notoriously expensive and just seemed slightly too far out of reach, really. But then, a couple of Sundays ago, she came over and announced that there was a spare room going in her friend’s sharehouse (for only, like, 25% more than I’d been budgeting) and did I want it? And of course I did, even though it’s a terrifying prospect (what if I don’t find a job?).

Here are some pictures sent by the person whose room I’m taking:



I will have the downstairs bedroom while my three housemates sleep upstairs (how perfect is that?).

More details as they come to hand!