Listening to: airport music

Hello! I have very little to report, but I am blogging from Changi Airport just because I can (!).

(Changi Airport is awesome, by the way. I can’t believe the time I’ve wasted at KLIA and Denpasar in the past. They have a butterfly garden here! And a free cinema, which will shortly be screening Juno.) And free internet! Being stranded here for 24 hours would probably be fine!*

I immediately burst into tears upon disappearing through the customs gate at Adelaide Airport, but I’m doing okay now. (If any of you would like to drop everything and move to London with me, that would be great, though. Give it some thought.) Singapore is exciting, and I can only imagine actually leaving the airport in London will be better still (right?).

I’m off to explore – thanks, everyone, for all the well wishes, etc. (Eeeeee! I’m actually doing this!)

*Yeah, ask me about that sometime.