April 2009

Listening to: May You Never – John Martyn


I have listened to this song eight million times in the last week. I’m all John Martyned out but I can’t stop myself.

I think I should start blogging again, or I’ll probably missing out on what is potentially the most interesting content this blog will ever see. And having set the bar that high, I find that I don’t actually have time to write about anything today – think of this like a trailer for the main event.


Listening to: The Old Main Drag – The Pogues

I’m at an internet café, so don’t have much time left for anything, but I just wanted to quickly let you know that so far I am so, so pleased with everything. So far, this is not a disaster! Who’d have thought?

Shepherd’s Bush is really – everything that Adelaide is not (although I did actually take a few moments before I left to appreciate that it’s quite a nice city, sort of, and I seek to disparage none of you who choose to stay there). And obviously the grain of salt there is that I’m two days in and everything is still new and exciting, but I do like it so much. The house is not a dump. The area is pretty but interesting. There are things to see and do, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg – out there, beyond Shepherd’s Bush Green, which is far as I’ve yet ventured, is London.

Oh! And today it was properly cold until mid-afternoon – scarf/gloves/beanie cold. So awesome.