Listening to: Worrier God – The Underground Lovers

IS FEMINISM GIVING BRITISH JUSTICE SWINE FLU? Qwghlm’s Daily Mail-o-matic is my new favourite toy.

So hey. How’s tricks, blogosphere? I spent about 36 hours pissing about on Facebook last night, becoming a fan of everything I could think of, and it occurred to me that I should probably just start blogging again.

Oh, man – I think I might need to send the new laptop off for a service first, though. This keyboard is driving me insane! This is what it looks like when I don’t go back and correct every other word:

Arg this stpid kyboard i compltely insntive and I worrythat i’s ging to gve me some sortof stress-relatemedicl condtin.

(Translated: “Argh, this stupid keyboard is completely insensitive and I worry that it’s going to give me some sort of stress-related medical condition.”)

But regardless, consider the blog back on! I’ve just cooked properly for the first time in the new house (pumpkin soup, stewed apples and plums, and brown rice for breakfasts), I have a ticket to see the Lemonheads next Saturday and I’m about to spend the afternoon in Hammersmith Primark. How could I possibly justify letting such an exciting life go undocumented?