Listening to: When I Get to the Border – Richard & Linda Thompson

I think the keyboard issue might actually have something to do with the internet – I’ve switched to writing this in Word and it’s fine. We’ll see how WordPress copes when I paste it in, though. It doesn’t generally play well with others.

Primark on Sunday was kind of a bust (I briefly considered a red wool-blend skirt for work and was going to do it up with new buttons and rick-rack, but it was so cheaply-made that the lining felt like an actual plastic bag so I gave up on the dream), but I did finally find a full-length mirror in a cheap shop on King Street in Hammersmith for 12 quid, so I came home happy. It’s currently propped up on my singles box, but I need to think of something taller because it cuts my head off.

Singles box contains gems such as Perfect Day/Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed and Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin

I am in love with the fibre arts lately! I’ve had my crochet hooks out to work on the neverending afghan and have recently begun to turn them to smaller, more creative projects – crochet is so full of possibilities! I made a little tiara out of scraps on Sunday night (I had season 4 of Weeds to get through) – it’s hard to make out in the photo because there are a million ends to weave in, but I like it:

In progress - 3mm hook, DK weight yarn

All those ends to weave in!

With clip, for attaching to head.

And I’ve been trawling the Craftzine crochet archives – there’s nothing there I specifically want to make (I think amigurumi are cute and everything, but what do you do with them once you’ve made them, really?), but they’re really inspiring! If I can find a cheap enough cotton/blend yarn, I’m going to try my hand at a freeform laundry basket (I’m thinking of something like my Year 12 Ceramics assignment [a massive great coil pot that kind of collapsed in an aesthetically pleasing way shortly before I finished it – my mum now stores her umbrellas in it], minus the clay). And my Elizabeth Zimmermann pi shawl continues to grow. Its awesomeness isn’t really down to anything I’m doing because it’s all about the self-striping yarn and genius circular formula (I haven’t made it remotely lacy – maybe when I get to the border), but I’m so looking forward to the finished product. It’s just starting to get cool enough to wear woollens here and yesterday I tried out the simple Gaia shawl I made a couple of months ago – it was like wearing a hug! So cosy.


Help! It's swallowed my backpack.

Finally, this is insane but I would have loved this when I was a kid.

Actually, no, really finally I have a question – is anyone else having trouble with iTunes 9? I upgraded to it without thinking and now it comes up with a fatal intallation error every time I try to use it. Don’t they know I have podcasts to download?