Listening to: Love Her Madly – The Doors

Firstly, when did this happen? Suddenly it’s autumn! Awesome.

Autumn in Ealing!

Secondly, this is our oven:

It's the crumbs stuck to the grease on the door that get me.

It’s hard to photograph grease.

Thirdly, I found a new way to walk home today. Google was directing me kind of the long way round (and I’ve been lazy since the move and usually catch the bus from Acton to Hammersmith, halving my walk), but I knew there had to be a way through Chiswick so I printed a couple of zoomed out Google Maps to keep me in the right general direction and set off to explore. It was fun not knowing quite where I was going to end up next! And eventually I made it to the Thames Path (my old nemesis), which was probably not the wisest move because it got quite dark by that point (winter is really coming! Yea!) but it worked out okay. I took quite a main roady route to be on the safe side, so there’s still more to explore in the back streets tomorrow!

Does anyone read these rollover comments?

Ah, Thames Path, we meet again...

Finally, Heather has been emailing me some completely awesome Mills & Boon titles. I am ashamed to say how long it’s been since I even set foot inside a library (not only ashamed but completely distraught, really – what am I doing?) – I’ve missed these and I need to start looking for some of my own again, too! Here’s a selection (seriously, these are some of the best ever):

  • Captive of the desert king
    The Spaniard’s defiant virgin
    The Sheikh’s defiant bride
    One night with the rebel billionaire
    The ruthless Italian’s inexperienced wife
    The Greek tycoon’s unwilling wife
    The Greek tycoon’s convenient wife
    The desert king’s pregnant bride
    The Sheikh’s rebellious mistress
    Up close and dangerously sexy
    The secretary and the millionaire
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