Listening to: Hiccups – Darren Hanlon

[Huh. I tried to post this at 5.30 this morning and it wouldn’t work.]

Why does not getting enough sleep always give me the hiccups? It seems completely unfair; insult to injury.

I opened a fortune cookie yesterday and apparently “[I] WILL HAVE SUCCESS IN EVERYTHING [I] DO NEXT SATURDAY”. Isn’t that exciting? I’m not sure what plans to make.

Also, here – watch some Jeffrey Lewis videos. First, a live visual cover of Nirvana’s “Big Cheese” (this is what the original sounded like, for anyone else who hasn’t listened to Bleach in about 80 years):


“A Complete History of Punk on the Lower East Side”:


Aaaaaand an Eminem cover posted on The Guardian website a while ago (a year ago?):