Listening to: Anti-Pope – The Damned

Here are some things I have read recently:

* This article about John Forbes. Rad, did you take Geoff’s Australian poetry class at school? We read this stream of consciousness Forbes poem called “Angel” and I loved it and all I can find of it online is the excerpt in the article:

“& I’d like to kiss you
but you’ve just washed
your hair, the night goes
on & we do too until
like pills dissolving
turn a glass of water
blue it’s dawn & we
go to sleep we dream
like crazy & get rich
& go away. ”

* Lavender-Fleur de Sel caramel sauce at Angry Chicken. Why does lavender-flavoured food intrigue me so? It’s almost never good.

* This weekend or next weekend? on AskMetafilter.

* How to Destroy the Book by Cory Doctorow – copyright, ownership vs. licence, digital books. (Via

[Oh, it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten all my html. How do I do proper bulleted lists?]

And after assuring C. last night that times have changed and working for a Catholic organisation needn’t mean compromising one’s principles, I had to catalogue my first anti-choice, pro-adoption teen pregnancy book today (written by a woman who named her daughter “Windsor”. I ask you). I mean, I think it’s okay, I think the collection overall is pretty balanced and the materials on the curriculum are pretty good (there’s a lot of academic support for non-hetero sexualities, for example – although I don’t know how that’s actually taught, obviously), but eeesh. I wanted to tuck some brochures for ARMS or whatever its UK equivalent is in there, at least (I resisted the urge – I am, in the end, A Professional).

Also! I haven’t listened to this yet, but here‘s a Billy Bragg autobiographical podcast recorded in 2006.

Oh, and I’m giving Battlestar Galactica a go.

Oh! And C., the WSRC could apparently fund another year by selling off its picture book collection – I went looking for a copy of Jesse’s Dream Skirt and found it going for $469 on Amazon. Which sucks! Where does one find classic non-sexist kids’ literature at a reasonable price?